Security of the installation

  • Specialized building engineering
  • Locking and filtering system for vehicle and personal entries, bollards
  • Perimeter protection, barriers
  • PTZ cameras and surveillance systems
  • Access systems, turnstiles, swing gates
  • Shielded doors and windows, locks and intelligent locking systems
  • Demotic, Safety and security IoT
  • Fences, defensive planting
  • Personal Protective Equipements (PPE)
  • Less than lethal weapons and ammunitions, dissuasion means
  • Command and control rooms, panic and safe rooms
  • Strong Box
  • Surveillance system for works of art, luxury goods and precious objects


Electronic security

  • Warning and alarm systems
  • Multispectral detection systems
  • Perimeter detection and intrusion systems
  • Secure Telecommunications means
  • Cyber security and cryptology
  • Biometric identification systems
  • Autonomous energy production systems


Mobile security system

  • Armored protected civil vehicle
  • Defense Aid Suit and warning systems for vehicles
  • Safety systems for boats and yacht
  • Anti-piracy and self-protection means
  • VIP protection equipement
  • Localization and tracking systems for vehicles and personnel
  • Unmanned surveillance and intervention systems, UAV, UGV, USV, UUV
  • Counter UAS systems and air defense
  • Autonomous communication
  • Specialized relocation companies


Consulting, training, formation

  • Private security companies, consulting
  • Recruitment consulting
  • Conformity assessment and certification
  • Self defense training companies
  • Training center for security officers
  • Simulation
  • E-reputation protection consulting
  • Insurance companies