How To Exhibit?

Bare surface :

From 12sqm, you may reserve a bare surface area. This stand must be built by you.

Contact us to exhibit

Jérémy Vigna

Sales Director

+33 (0)1 44 14 51 52


Our formulas may be customised and allow you to fit out the space according to your needs.

The price includes the stand surface and equipment (participation package and corner excluded)

BUSINESS Shell Scheme Stand

Save your time and optimise your costs!

This equipped stand exists in 6, 9 and 12 sqm format with two furniture options: “Lounge” and “Office”.

CLASSIQUE Shell Scheme Stand

The best cost-visibility compromise!

Surface minimum 12 sqm to 24 sqm

La garantie d’une forte visibilité !

PRESTIGE Shell Scheme Stand

High visibility guaranteed!

From 21 sqm (then in increments of 3 sqm), stand is equipped with a meeting space.

Le meilleur compromis coût/visibilité !